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Lil Zey – Olamam Iflah feat. Khontkar lyrics!

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Lil Zey With Her Unique Styles

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Who is Gekko G

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Turkish Rap Music in Germany

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Fuat Ergin Geeflow X Panzer karesi


Our new song for "Metastaz 2: Cendere", the new book of journalists Barış Pehlivan and Barış Terkoğlu, published under the label Kırmızı Kedi publishing house, is now on all digital platforms!

Boe B, Azra, Fuat, Killa - Hayat Bizi | Fuat Ergin Anlatıyor

We found the fire

Even if something like this happened, it happened because of us. Let's say we started something, we found the fire because when we look back, we cannot see a school. There was no school for this business in Germany.

The style of others cannot be stolen or copied in Turkish rap. The word or the "flow" (harmony of rhymes to rhythm, measure, harmony of stress) from others cannot be played. You have to create it yourself, then you are real and authentic.

Turkish Rap, founder of Boe B (R.I.P.) away from the Turkish immigrant children in Germany gangs, drug traffickers and the rescue of people being hired killer. In the contents of his tracks, they tell and talk about the problems of Turkish youth. Its style is unique. Boe B (R.I.P.) gathered the children of immigrant workers, led them to rap music by bringing them together, and put forward Turkish Rap against mafia.

Eko Fresh X Killa Hakan X Uzi X Motive X Hayki - Turkish Nightmare (prod. Umut Timur)


► Turgen Kam Sonrası Yok ft Şanışer Fuat Ergin OkyanuslarÇilekeş feat Fuat Gözaltı Fuat üç dil Massaka - Das Kartell"Cartel Black Blood" Sagopa Kajmer Dusunmek Icin Vaktin Var