Radio Boğaziçi, a radio station and student club affiliated with Boğaziçi University, held the radio Boğaziçi Music Awards ceremony this year on the 17th.Defa did it. Ezhel, Ben Fero, Murda, Gazapizm, Vio and Lil Zey Turkish Rap community’s favorite names also received awards at the event organized by this radio, which broadcasts over the web. Awards received by Turkish Hip-Hop artists are as follows;
Best Rap Hip-Hop Artist Of The Year Ezhel








Famous rapper Ezhel performed on May 3, 2018, at the 15th annual event. He received an award in the same category at the radio Boğaziçi Music Awards event. Ezhel received the award in the category of Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist of the year, before which Turkish Rap artists in the form of punishment, Şehinşah, norm ender received this award. Ezhel received three awards at the ceremony: Best Album of the Year, Best Duet of the year and Best Rap/Hip-Hop Artist of the year.Gazapizm, which has gained an important place in Turkish rap with the album Hiza released in 2020, is the 17th.At the radio Boğaziçi Music Awards event, his song Cut right and left from the album Alizah was awarded as the best song of the year. In the past years, this award was awarded to the part of Ceza Suspus, one of the most listened to songs of Turkish rap.

Best Album of the year: Ezhel x Ufo361-Lights Out

Lights out, a joint album by Turkish rapper Ezhel and Turkish-German rapper Ufo361, was named the Best Album of the year. Turkish, German bilingual songs and 12-song album, this branch of rappers received as the first award went down in history.

Best duet of the year: Ezhel X Murda-AYA

On September 20, 2019, popular voices of the Hip-Hop market Ezhel and Murda achieved success in the best duet category of the year at this ceremony with their song AYA, which they released as a duet. Ezhel was awarded the KAFA10 duet piece with the successful Rap artist Anıl Piancı in this category at the ceremony last year.

Best Video Clip Of The Year: Ben Fero-Demet Akalin

Ben Fero, who again wrote his name in the success tables with his album Wild in 2020, is 17.He received an award at the radio Boğaziçi Music Awards event. They won the award for best Video clip of the year with the clip they shot with Turkish Pop artist Demet Akalin.

Best Project Album Of The Year: Vio-Yanyol Vol. 1

Talented rapper Vio, who died at the age of 18, was present at this ceremony in the Yanyol Vol, which was released in memory of Vio by the music company MOB Entertainment. 1 album was awarded the Best Project album of the year. Yanyol Vol.1 album featured successful MCs such as Vio, Ayben, camouflage, reaction, boss, Aspova and Modd.

Best Debut Of The Year: Lil Zey

Lil Zey, a talented name who is one of the important artists of the band Redkeys Music, received an award in the category of best output of the year at this ceremony. Musician Lil Zey, who also appeared on the album Redkeygang La Familia 2, a 20-song compilation album released by the record label Redkeys Music, continues to attract attention with his music projects recently.