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Cem Nadiran or Funky'C with his stage name, Turkish DJ and radio programmer Birthplace: İstanbul Date of Birth: February 9, 1971
He has worked with many names such as Yonca Evcimik, Işın Karaca, Sagopa Kajmer, Fuchs, Ceza and Fuat. He was the music producer of Ferhan Şensoy's movie "Sorry".

He is undoubtedly the most adept when he is called ' DJ 'in Turkey.DJ Funky C under the stage name Cem Nadiran .During his time in the United States, he took music lessons from Italian musician Mario Ballestra, graduated from a long 9-year study period and music education.25 years ago, he became a DJ Champion in a competition organized by a private radio and began a completely different adventure. He represented Turkey at the DMV, World DJ Championship for 3 years in a row.

When you graffiti a wall with spray paint in 1982, you wouldn't write your own name and surname under it; everyone has a pseudonym. The hip-hop culture that exploded around the world that semester was very popular, and she was doing graffiti with hip-hop culture. Since Funk likes the genre of music and its rhythms appeal to him very much, he combines C with the initial letter of his name, Funk music. The resulting Funky C took the name suitable for him.

Turkish rap masters Ceza, close friendship with Fuat and Sagopa, Funky-C every time a special interest in the names and the like have not yet katmıştır.türki power equipment itself up in a country that is not a professional DJ.

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