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Eko Fresh Mc Rapper

Turkey rapper Eko Fresh vaulted to fame on the heels of his mentor, hip-hop superstar Kool Savas. Born Ekrem Bora in Mönchengladbach, Germany, on September 3, 1983, the Turkish native quit school in his teens to pursue a career in music, working in a shoe store to make ends meet. While working his retail gig, Bora met Kool Savas, who agreed to produce his 2001 Royal Bunker debut EP, Jetzt Kommen Wir auf die Sachen.

Earlier than getting into the song, Eko fresh, who worked in a shoe store in Mönchengladbach, started rap music in 1998. He caught the awareness of Kool Savas in a concert he attended in Berlin on this date. Kool war's itself in Berlin ' after the conflict to ask along with Kool "könig von Deutschland" has released an EP referred to as. Eko contemporary managed to make a reputation for itself with this EP. However, after that, Kool Savas and Eko contemporary broke up
Eko fresh's tune "ich bin Jung und brauche das geld" (I'm young and I want money) triggered their connection with Kool Savas to break totally, after which Eko recent SONY signed a contract with BMG and continued the work of his solo album there.

Eko Fresh Mc Rapper

He launched two albums from the company, namely "Dunya Is Rotating" and "IOVE". In 2004, Eko contemporary founded his possess report label "German Dream amusement". On this corporation, contracts were made with Kay One, summer season Cem, Capkekz, and Kingsize as good as Eko recently. Eko fresh used to be advocated for comment in 2004, but the award went to its rival Sido. Eko recent is also recognized for writing lyrics. He wrote the track "Du Hast Mein Herz Gebrochen" for pop singer Yvonne Catterfeld. This track was also featured in Anti Garanti's "Make Y´All leap" album and on Eko contemporary's summertime Cem solo album. On May 1, 2005, a man or woman who threw a bottle on his head at a concert grew to be keen on Kool Savaş and Eko fresh also acquired a tattoo for this incident. Valeska and Eko contemporary ended their lengthy relationship at the end of 2005. In 2006, Eko recently took phase in Bushido's Nemesis and Vendetta songs.

At the same time, he continued to work with the German Dream Entertainment company Eko Fresh. Kostet Die Welt released his album in 2010. He reached a certain audience in Germany with his song Gheddo with Bushido. Killa Hakan's "Gheddo" group punishment, Manson, Heart duet with Turkish Ayaz  Turkey also won large audiences. Eko Fresh worked with Killa Hakan and Ceza, one of the important names of Turkish rap music, to introduce himself to the Turkish people.

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