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Who is Gekko G

Gökmen Dündar,Gekko G He was born in 1977 in Berlin. He started writing Turkish rap in 1992 at the age of 15. Boe B was recognized in Berlin in 1994 as the cousin and close friend of Bülent İPEK, the founder of the Islamic Force. In 1993, he had the opportunity to improve himself with the contributions of Boe B. He started to write Turkish Rap lyrics with Boe B. He started to attract attention with his impressive performance. In 1998, he managed to enter the top 10 in all music channels.

The Famous Group of USA returned to the stage as a result of the insistence of the G-unit

After the death of his close relative and friend Boe B in 2000, he quit Turkish rap and did not rap for a long time. Years later, after succumbing to his longing, he started singing Turkish Rap again, because of his Turkish rap performance, he returned to the stages as a result of the insistence of America's most famous band G-Unit.

After working with this group, American producers became aware of GekkoG and started to work together on various proposals and projects. In America, he performed as Turkish Rap with Official Remixes of Busta Rhymes, Lil Wayne, Backbone, and Dj Unk.

Gekko G,Originally from Izmir Altındağ, he is a master rapper who lives in Germany, is in a position to rap in Turkish and enthrall his fans with his lyrics and flows. In addition, the fact that his lyrics are Turkish in the song he performed in America made us feel proud.

He also broke new ground by presenting his album "All Gözler Bende" free of charge to the audience.

Gekko G was completed a long time ago, but canceled output to markets in Turkey ,Tüm Gözler Bende "all eyes on me" was at first a free gift to the audience at the signing by his album. The album, which was canceled due to problems with the record label, includes fourteen tracks in total. It is possible to see quality names in the background of the album, where many famous names are featured with their duets.

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