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Hakan Durmuş, who was born on March 3, 1973, is the leading name of Turkish rap, generally known as Killa Hakan, is the child of a family from Tokat who first immigrated from Trabzon to Germany in 1960 as a worker. His father, Ali Rıza Durmuş, is a wrestler.He was a successful athlete with many successes in the A national team. Killa Hakan was born, raised and educated in Kreuzberg, Germany. Living in the ghetto, Hakan met the streets at an early age and went to prison at a younger age.

Throughout the years he was imprisoned, he regularly rap in Turkish. The German government sentenced the first prison sentence at a younger age for the German police for reacting to racism against it. Killa Hakan was imprisoned for the first time with this incident.

In this incident, he spent four months in prison for calling a police a racist (Nazi). Instead of writing rap lyrics in foreign languages in Germany, he rap in Turkish and proved himself to Europe over time. Moreover, Killa Hakan is the first rap artist to remain popular and respected among Turkish youth in today's Germany.

He aimed to introduce Turkish rap and Turkish to Europe, and no artist in place of Killa Hakan has pursued such a goal. Studio work in Killa Hakan Germany trains her students to bring Turkish rap music into their lifestyle. Killa Hakan continues his devoted efforts for Turkish rap.

Killa Hakan, who succeeded in another first in Europe, stayed in the top 10 record for 15 weeks in MTV Germany and broke all the chains that were not broken. The number "36" he sings in his songs is the postal code of the city of Kreuzberg where he was born and grew up. Killa Hakan is one of the most important founders of the 36 Boys Gang.

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