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Massaka was born on 25 October 1984 in In the Kreuzberg district of Berlin, the capital of Germany Murat Ilhan, who sings rap songs in the genre of Hard Rock, continues his life in Berlin, Germany. He is the founder of the music group Massaka, which took its first step into its career in 2002. He continued his career with Rahmi Karasu, who learned as Monster in this music group until 2012 and in 2012, for some special reasons, Monster

Massaka, a member of the 36 Boys gang

He has earned the appreciation of listeners for his unique style and was included in the YouTube community on July 12, 2012. It has reached millions of views and views. His Instagram account already has over 360 thousand followers.

He spent his teenage years on the streets like a lot of expatriate children there. In the following years, Massaka, a member of the 36 Boys gang, became acquainted with rap music while negotiating with and then began writing his own tracks. Killa Hakan has performed duets with gang friends who are interested in rap music, such as Monstar36, Kodes himself. He still lives in Berlin.

Massaka or Murdoc, Massaka36 or Diablo36

Murat İlhan, with different stage names Massaka or Murdoc, Massaka36 or Diablo36, is a well-known Turkish rap artist and songwriter of hard-rock style hip-hop music. He is also known for his song "3 Kings", which he released with Snoop Dogg.

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