Lil Zey with a Unique Style; He started to make his name known frequently by strengthening his place in the hip hop music market day by day. Musician Lil Zey, Rosalie from Def Jam Poland. He released “80 Times”, which he sang together with Universal Music Turkey!

Lil Zey, who attracted the attention of the audience with his recently released album “Black Theater”, proved his success by being at the top of the lists for a long time. Murat Tekin and Borat Berkin Laleli produced the duet where two magnificent artists gathered, while Melih Kun shot the music video for the piece. Be sure to listen to the pristine Lil Zey & Rosalie hit “80 Times” to immerse yourself in its rhythm!

The best female Hip Hop singer in the industry in a while. Lil Zey is the most original woman in this market. Too good sound and infrastructure for Turkey. Such voices do not find the necessary value in the country. Besides Turkish, English songs will also be good. It is also important to make an impact by entering different projects with DJs from Turkey who have proven themselves abroad. The fabric is good, but there is a need for well-proven tailors. Killa Hakan, Fuat, Eco Fresh, etc..