Fuat Ergin RAP ÜSTAD wrote and sang his first rap song in English in 1992; She has been writing and saying in Turkish since 1995. From 1992 he appeared in hip hop music in Berlin; Germany, Turkey, Austria, Sweden and Northern Cyprus gave several concerts in almost every town in the Netherlands.

Fuat Ergin Geeflow X Panzer karesi,Fuat Ergin is Definitely a quality

He has the best refrain we’ve heard lately. So much transition of sound, flow and beat in a piece.He continues to surprise the audience, Fuat Ergin definitely added a quality to this piece. The words spilled from his language gain a different meaning.Perfect work. Since things like research, musical knowledge, art-making are unimportant things in the country, there is no question of a high rate of rest. The track is very good! I have never witnessed such a thing in Turkish Rap. This is definitely the most original work of the last time. Everyone should listen and get inspired. This is how a beat switch is used and how it fits. Really big job.

Text of the song

Trackte Geeflow Fuat Ergin
Desert Eagle bullets, tons of
Be a master, you’ll get slapped
I have plenty of breath like a shotgun

Organ missing environment tense
Add salt, cook the soup
Or you know a lot of notes
Friendly local for Hip-hop

Track Fuat with feat same tank Gallery
Panzer Square as heizenergie
I got you amphetamine, beatin.
Your brothers are the same Avril Lavigne

This world is a dream, a golden from bowl mony addressed to the world
Call to the day of resurrection, kill your brother and usurp his right, then say, ” Lord, forgive you.”

My rap is on hang like bread

Is there a fucking moment when there’s no birth and death in the last four?
My raps are hanging like bread
Geeflow and Fuat get up
on feet..


  • 1999: Hassickdir
  • 2001: Hassickdir 2
  • 2002: Bonobo 1 Panzer
  • 2002: Hassickdir 3
  • 2003: Rapüstad ( joint album with Killa Hakan )
  • 2005: Element of Every Month
  • 2009: my heart
  • 2019: Spine 1, Spine 2
  • 2020: 47