Lil Zey – Olamam Iflah feat. Khontkar lyrics! What are the words ‘I Can’t Prosper’?

Uploaded to Youtube on September 19, 2021, Lil Zey – Olamam İflah feat. The song Khontkar received 19 thousand views and 7 thousand likes in a short time. The lyrics of the song were curious. Well, Lil Zey – I can’t be İflah feat. What are the lyrics to Khontkar? Here are the details..

Finally awaited clip.Lil Zey..I believe you are the best name in the market you’re in!I hope we’ll talk a lot about your name and albums in 2022.

This girl, who has an unconventional, crazy and rebellious, but at the same time modern style since her first album, offers a music concert without thinking about the songs she sings while humming. The fact that she is the only female Hip Hop player who makes this kind of music in Turkey makes her even more mysterious.