Turkish Rap History

(BOE B) Bülent İPEK

Turkish workers who emigrated to Germany had decided not to return definitively after the coup of 80. The decision was a turning point for young people in immigrant areas, particularly the Kreuzberg region. Young people who always planned to return to their country, those who never went to school, those who thought they would return, took to the streets to make money because they didn't have a parent to look after them, a double-shift worker (which is very common). Although this gang of 36 Boys did not radically solve the problem, German Neonasis could not easily enter the migrant Turkish areas. After a while, the" skinheads " stopped trying to get into these places completely.


Many products of Turkish rap from this period contain anti-fascist and anti-racist rhetoric. On the one hand with Turkish rap, Turkish youth in Germany become a means to pull the hand of" dirty work".Rap music "by skinheads" is becoming an attraction here to protect Turkish immigrant children who are introduced to Rap music. In German prisons and orphanages, Turkish youth were interested in rap music and even had the opportunity to receive audio recordings.

Bülent İpek - Boe B

In 1986, the first Turkish Rap group called Islamic Force was formed in Berlin-Kreuzberg. The first rap records of Islamic Force, which has the first Turkish rap record, are in English.

The Turkish rap musician, whose real name is Bülent Ipek, known by his stage name Boe B, was born in West Germany in 1970. German Reaper of Turkish origin is the master of many rap musicians such as Boe B, Gekko G, hyena, Bektas and Killa Hakan. At the same time, Bülent Ipek is considered the father of Turkish rap. Boe B and Killa Hakan were close friends. He was also boe B, Gekko G's cousin and blood brother.

MCs such as Islamic Force, Killa, Fuat, Azra continued to record on the one hand, while Karakan, Erci – E and Cinai network groups took over a business that was a turning point for Turkish Rap. “Cartel number one is the biggest!"they met in Berlin and published a piece that targeted racist attacks on immigrants in Germany until that day," he said. The song received great attention in Germany as well as Turkey. As a group consisting of three major bands from Turkey, Cartel gave major concerts in Turkey. Unlike Germany, the Cartel in Turkey was owned by youth groups influenced by conservative, nationalist views. A track called “Cartel”, popular with anti-racist rhetoric, was tried to become an element of racist demonstrations by listeners at concerts in Turkey. This position has always been secretly criticized in the Turkish Rap community for the Cartel. Even after many years, the members of the Cartel band said that they did not write this song for a political purpose. Who knows, the reason is to be exempt from this secret criticism. But it is good that the song” Cartel " came out, and the political position is that the Cartel song also had political consequences in its era.

Brought to Turkey, the Cartel met a wide audience. At the time, there was a lot in Turkey worth mentioning about Turkish Rap production. As the 2000s approached, Turkish Rap groups began to form from the Anatolian and European sides of Istanbul. MCs with similar styles of hate, Güçmira, Istanbul Attack or recorded in the same studio were combined into these groups.Dr. Fuchs, Sahtiyan, Sansar Salvo, Sagopa Kajmer, Yener Cevik, JönTürk were MCs who came together from both sides of Istanbul. Fuat Ergin, who came to Turkey from Germany, started to break records abroad. Later, Norm group was established in Izmir. In Ankara, the band Mode XL began to buy amateur records. Turkish rap began to spread throughout Turkey with a wide variety of Turkish Rap groups.

Underground Operation 1 and 2 albums, led by names such as Sagopa, punishment and Fuat, re-energized the release. The increase in disstrack's number has caused a stir in viewers and hiphop lovers. During this period, Turkish rap began to become widespread.Today, the undisputed leading names of Turkish rap, such as Killa Hakan and Fuat Ergin, Dr. Fucks, punishment and Sagopa, are among the biggest MCs of Turkish rap and memorable names in. 

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